March Birthstone Folklore

March Birthstone Color

Aquamarine may be found in the colors of their namesake: the sea (from the Latin, aqua for water and marina for sea). The soothing blue-green hues of the watery depths are captured forever in these jewels.

Aquamarine is a type of beryl, a mineral that forms from cooling magma deep inside Earth. Beryl can be found in many colors, ranging from blue-green to yellow to red. Emerald is another form of beryl.



Early sailors believed that aquamarine talismans, etched with the likeness of the sea god Neptune, protected them against ocean danger Perhaps because of its tie to water, the aquamarine is thought to exude a calming, soothing influence; the stone helps the wearer stay more cool and level-headed during stressful situations. Its healing energy is linked to the throat chakra, and is thought to also help the wearer with communication and self-expression.

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In ancient times, aquamarine was used to alleviate illness, curing heart, liver, and stomach diseases; all one had to do was drink the water in which the gem had been soaking.  

Linda Reichardt